Destery Smith, more commonly known as "The Leg Slicer" in the gaming community, is a name you may or may not hear, from girl's talking about their emo/scene phase in 2009-2012, that being said, he's actually a pretty funny guy (if you find sex and poop jokes funny.) You probably do. Good for you. His style is that of a metrosexual hipster.

Shows and channels Edit

His original channel in the beginning was "DesMadeLove" but after getting more subscribers from a video in 2010 where he pranked a hooker he picked up in New York after bringing her to his house, having sex with her and calling an anonymous tip to the police before she had exited the building. Later he opened the DesandNate channel, and Desterys personal channel being where he made Q & A videos and take questions from his fans on Twitter and sometimes other sites, only a few questions he may answer though. Destery also has two other YouTube channels, one is a gaming channel called DesPwns, where he uploads twitch streams. His other channel is Stop The Attack, which is his music channel, where he uploads most of his music works. Destery is also doing a collaboration on YouTuber Shane Dawson's channel called WTF News. This show talks about recent events that have been trending on the internet. He has several friends including Nathan A.K.A Ahoynateo, Chris A.K.A Scallywag Chris and others (One being a United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman). WTF News has since moved to his personal channel and he now does WTF Five on Shane's channel.

Personal life Edit

He has a hate-hate relationship with the state of Idaho. Although he isn't very close with his family, he says he enjoys spending time with his four younger siblings. Destery is particularly close to his younger sisters (if you know what I mean), and even says in a live interview that, he "wouldn't want to disappoint either of them." Despite a somewhat recent video where he claims not to have anyone in his life that he'd want to call family, it's pretty obvious that he loves his siblings a lot. He also enjoys pineapples. A lot. He would probably do a pineapple if he had the chance!

Trivia Edit

  • He's stated his favorite games are Infamous, Transformers War of Cybertron, Amplitude, Spartan Total Warrior, Gitaroo Man, the Jak and Daxter series, Silicon Valley, Zelda: Ocarina of time, Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie. He also has a distinct fondness for Hearthstone and Minecraft.
  • He has been arrested four times. The first time was when he stole a computer cord from his school, and the fourth was when he skipped probation.
  • He admits to having 'yellow fever.'
  • He once said that if he had to choose, he'd go completely gay for Ted Cruz over Bernie Sanders
  • He's glamour's

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