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Destery(The FUCKING Sexiestman alive) is well known as being funny and very cool!

Shows and channels Edit

His original channel in the beginning being "DesMadeLove" but after getting more subscribers and being more involved with YouTube.They opened the DesandNate channel, and Desterys personal channel being where he makes Q&A videos and takes questions from his fans on twitter and sometimes other sites, only a few questions he answers though. Destery also has two other youtube channels, he has a gaming channel called DesPwns. His other channel is Stop The Attack, which is his music channel, where he uploads all his music works. Destery is also doing a collaberation on youtuber Shane Dawson's channel called WTF News. This show is just to take about recent events that have been floating around the internet, and to watch Destery be SO FUNNY! :). He also has several friends including Nathen A.K.A Ahoynateo, Chris A.K.A Scallywag Chris and others(One being a United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman.)

Personal life Edit

He has a love-hate relationship with the state of Idaho. (He is not gay and will never be gay and if he was we would all still love him).

Trivia Edit

  • Hes stated his favorite games are Infamous, Transformers war of cybertron, Amplitude, Spartan total warrior, Gitaroo man, Jack and Daxster series, Silicon valley, Zelda: ocarina of time, and Banjo kazooie and Banjo tooie. He also has a distinct fondness for Heart stone and Mine craft.
  • Has been arrested four times. The first time was when he stole a computer cord from his school. Second was when he tried to steal a whole computer from a business with Nathan. Third time was when he dressed up as a ninja on Halloween and threw rocks through windows and the fourth was when he skipped probation.
  • Once killed a TV and a laptop.

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